When summer vacations come around, apart from having the Euro dates from 11th June- 11th July this year to look forward to, half of humanity migrates to coastal towns to while away their days away basking in the warm sun and prancing about in the warm and salty ocean water. For the surf enthusiast, getting that perfect wave to ride can become an obsession, and knowing where to find them can become a headache. But here is a comprehensive list of the best places to catch that beautiful giant wave:

The beckoning blue waters of New Zealand are a favourite of many surfers. Many trudge to Manu Bay for a chance to catch the famous barrel wave

Known mostly for its hip-hop affinity, California is also home to an impressive coastline that boasts Zuma beach, which is a surf magnet owing to its huge waves that have world-class breaks. Expect crowds though!

Fondly known in the surf world as the Mexican Pipeline, the place has huge waves that constantly hit and lick the gorgeous beach all day and night. Lots of surfing competitions are held here.

Of course the list would be incomplete without a mention of the Oceania Islands, which for ages have been surf spots due to their locations. One thing about Oahu waves is that they are the heaviest in the world, and that makes them the most dangerous. At the same time, this is a spot for pros and daredevils only.

Found in South Africa, Supertubes is known for its tube waves, and attracts thousands of surfers every year, but as expected of the violent nature of the ocean down south, this is not a spot for the faint hearted.

This tropical paradise offers more than just breath-taking scenery, it is home to reef waves which are rare to find, the only drawback is that the area is quite rocky.

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