Surfing is an extreme sport and as is the norm with extreme sports and all outdoor activities, it is fraught with dangers from all sides. Freak accidents that lead to injuries and even death, are commonplace. Some of the dangers associated with surfing include:

  • Drowning

To be a surfer you must first of all be a good swimmer, but this does not assure one of complete safety. Exhaustion has been known to be a major cause of death by drowning where a surfer’s arms and legs give in when they are far out in the sea and the waves swallow them up.

  • Riptides

A riptide is a strong offshore current that is brought about by the sudden pulling away of the tide. Rips are the number one hazard for surfers and areas known to have a huge frequency of them are usually cordoned off.

  • The Sea Bed

Sometimes the waves can catch a surfer off guard and fling them to the shallow seabed where contact with the rocky surface full of sharp stones and corals can spell doom.

  • Sharks

Although the occurrences of shark attacks on surfers are rare, they still do happen and when they do, the aftermath is usually ugly. Surfing too far out is dangerous since that is the area where sharks are found.

  • Crowds and Novices

Beaches attract huge crowds of people during the summer. With everyone trying to catch a wave at the same time, a new danger pops up. Collisions between surfers can cause serious injury since boards at high speed are like torpedoes. Huge crowds are also sources of bad tempers that lead to serious fights at times.

  • Contaminated Water

People have the annoying habit of carrying food and drinks to the beach. Once they are done with eating and drinking they dispose off the trash into the water or the beach. With time, this trash causes contamination that becomes hazardous to swimmers and surfers themselves.

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