As much as surfing has been the leading water sport in the world there are other water related sports that are as interesting as standing on a board and chasing giant waves.


When rowing started out in ancient Egypt it was not for the purpose of being made into a sport, like any other boat, rowboats were made for the purpose of transportation but as time went by it slowly became a fun activity and soon it turned into a sport. It is now an official sport that is held during Olympics. There are 2 forms of rowing

Sweep is when each person has a single oar, which is held by both hands, and they coordinate in order to move forward in a synchronised way

Sculling is when each rower has two oars, a single in each hand.


Swimming is as old as civilisation itself. Man has always been surrounded by water and the urge to conquer the water as he had done land was as strong, then as it still is now. It started becoming a recreational activity as far back as the Stone Age; right now it is one of the most exciting sports in the world that captivates the world on various competitive platforms on the planet. There are 4 main styles of swimming, they are

  • Butterfly: a stroke that is swum with the focus being on the chest with both arms moving at the same time followed by a butterfly like kick.
  • Backstroke: involves swimming while facing up, allowing for easy breathing.
  • Breaststroke: here the swimmers moves forward with the chest jutted out and the rest of the body not doing much movement, it is the slowest of the four strokes
  • Freestyle: the most popular, the fastest and the easiest to learn of all the strokes. It basically is the traditional way of swimming using both arms as paddles and complimenting them with alternating kicks of the legs

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