Every sport in the world shares some common characteristics with other sports, be it football or rugby, or something as extreme as surfing, and some common elements determine the success or failure of those participating in it. These are skills that any serious surfer should strive towards if they have any hope of one day mastering the art of surfing:

  • Balance

Surfing involves a lot of body movements that happen on a single buoyant board that floats on a constantly shifting water surface. For a surfer to be able to stay on his/her feet all through this, he or she has to have a high level focus on their balance, and adjusting their bodies to the movement below their feet quickly to counter the waves is vital. Every wave is different, and it requires a different movement.

  • Strength

A formidable upper body strength is very necessary for a surfer to maintain their balance on top of the surfing board. Strong arms and shoulders for paddling as one approaches a wave are a necessity since these waves are forces of nature, and they contain a lot of energy that will need to be countered in equal force by the surfer.

  • Flexibility

A flexible body will keep any surfer free of unnecessary injuries that are caused by the sudden twisting of the body and contraction of the muscles. Being able to change the angling of the body and direction of movement at a moment’s notice are the hallmarks of a good surfer. Flexibility can only be achieved by constant workouts and stretching before any major event.

  • Determination and Endurance

Being able to get back on your feet after getting pounded by wave after wave takes a lot of grit. The motivation to keep going requires almost a superhuman endurance that will force a surfer to push past their limits, and past their pain and exhaustion, if they want to get to the top of the surfing world.

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