Like any extreme outdoor activity, surfing can turn from fun to tragedy in a split second. To avoid such scenarios, there are some basic rules that every surfer or surfing enthusiast has to keep in mind before walking out into the ocean. They include:

  • Fitness

A surfer has to be physically fit to go out and take on a wave. This is for the purpose of avoiding muscle injury, and to ensure that a surfer is able to swim back to the shore in case anything happens out at sea.

  • Alcohol

This goes without saying. When it comes to activities that involve speed and balance, intoxication of any kind is dangerous. Surfing requires focus, and this cannot be achieved when one is under the influence. Save the drink for after.

  • Warm-Up

It is highly recommended before heading out to sea. Stretching for a bit helps to get rid of muscle cramps which could turn lethal if they pop up in the middle of surfing.

  • Surf Buddy

No matter how good the surfer is, one should never surf alone, especially when the whole beach is deserted. Having a surf buddy is not only more fun, but it also comes in handy in case of an injury because you will have someone to carry you back to the shore.

  • Eating

Make sure you have rested for at least 45 minutes after a meal before heading out to surf. The quick jerky movements that are common with surfing could pose a risk if you jump in right after a meal.

  • Check Surf Conditions

Be updated on the weather of the area before hand. If it is in a new place that you have never been before, it is vital that you talk with the locals and get to know what to expect, and the areas to avoid.

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