Having become recognised as an official sport major surfing competitions get held every year in different parts of the world and they attract the best of the best in the world of surfing. Some of these competitions include

  • The British Surfing Association Championships

An annual competition that brings together the best surfers Britain has to offer. The events in this include the Longboard, Kneeboard and the Bodyboard championships as well as Students, Junior, Open and the British schools championships. Competitors are required to be holders of a British passport, be either amateur or pro surfers and be members of the British Surfing Association.

This is a competition that is held in a number of different locations across the world and involves qualification events that culminate in one major event that decides who tops it all. It has categories for women and men who get judged for their flow, speed, maneuvers, and innovation. The scores are awarded from 0 to 10 with 10 being the best.

  • Mavericks

This is an invite only competition that is held every year in Northern California. Every year the top 24 big league surfers are invited to participate in the event that comprises a lot of challenging hurdles. The surfers get to duel each other in a physically and mentally demanding contest all for the mouth-watering reward of $30,000. Surfers are judged according to the size of the wave they are able to handle and the smoothness of their maneuvers.

A competition that comprises of four events despite its misleading name. these events are

The Quicksilver – Held in memory of a certain Eddie Aikau and it is held in the Waimea Bay

The O’Neill World Cup – A 6 Star event held in Sunset Beach Hawaii with a $125,000 prize budget

The Vans Hawaiian Pro

The Rip Curl Pipeline Masters

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